Saturday, April 30, 2011

Colby Trail Hike - April 30, 2011

Colby TrailEarth Day celebrations by the City of Glendora occasioned heading over to Colby Trail for a docent-led hike. I was eager to see what is in bloom and particularly get a look at the endangered thread-leaved brodiaea (Brodiaea filifolia). I had also received an email this week from a hiker who told me there were new trail signs with mileage notations that were different from what I have posted on my website. So of course I'd want to check that out. Since my wife had the car for the weekend, I rode my bike to nearby Glendora.

Colby TrailI arrive at the trailhead at the upper end of Loraine Avenue at 11:15 and immediately start photographing the beautiful stand of matilija poppy that graces the trailhead gateway. Just then my friend, Dr. Ann Croissant, who leads the Glendora Community Conservancy, drives up. They do a great job in stewarding the trail and surrounding open space. As we chatted, a group of hikers led by Bob Bennett finished a hike. Bob is on the conservancy board and is an ISA certified arborist. Shortly, two ladies join us and so the four of us began sauntering up the trail.

As an arborist, Bob has an immense knowledge about trees and was generous in pointing out various tree facts as we strolled along.

Brodiaea reserveBrodiaea filifolia
On the brodiaea reserve, Candy gets a close-up shot of the brodiaea in bloom. Thread-leaved brodiaea (Brodiaea filifolia) is an endangered plant protected by both federal and state governments. Its presence at this location is the reason this area was saved from the bulldozers and preserved as open space.

On the berm trail
Now heading east toward the “berm.” Bob points out some trees that they planted a few years back.

Open SpaceOpen space is a good thing! After Bob shows us the vernal poor and some other interesting things in this area, we head back. At the junction we part ways at 1:25 as they return to the trailhead and I continue up the main trail. The weather is gorgeous and the views out over the valley are striking. I enjoy strolling along and taking pictures. The non-native grasses are already turning yellow. I’m pleased with a beautiful stand of grape soda lupine to photograph. It really does smell like grape soda. I’m delighted to discover an occurrence of the tiny scarlet pimpernel. My first encounter with it was last week at Rancho Santa Ana, so it’s great to find it in the wild. I finally reach Glendora Mountain Road at 3:00, covering a whopping half mile since parting with the group at 1:25. It’s not a lot of mileage but I shot 290 pictures in that span. Love digital!

View south from GMR

View south from Glendora Mountain Road

View east across Little Dalton Canyon from Colby-Dalton TrailI turn around and head down. At the junction, 260 feet below GMR, I turn left and take Colby-Dalton Trail, which descends east .47 mile to Little Dalton Wash. It’s really a beautiful trial with rich vegetation. The down side is that once at the bottom, one has to climb a paved service road up to the berm trail. But I enjoy the scenery and exercise.

4:02 - Finish my hike. Glad to see my bike still chained up. I had originally hoped to check out more of the Earth Day festivities, but since they ended at 3:00, I’m out of luck. I enjoy a pleasant bike ride home. icon

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  1. Very nice, Dan!

    I hiked here earlier in the year, but intended to come back later, when the brodiaea were in bloom. I guess that's now! :D

  2. Very beautiful. Thank you for posting, Dan!