Monday, June 28, 2010

Beginning Dan's Hiking Blog

Dan at Sturdevnat Falls
The first week of summer—a fitting time to begin my hiking blog. The goal is to tie it into Dan's Hiking Pages as a more dynamic way to share reports on my outings and other miscellaneous reflections on the subject.

I have write-ups for nearly 60 trails on my hiking website. Sometimes I post hike reports with them. But a blog would provide a venue to publish hike reports more easily and create the opportunity for reader interaction. I’ve been considering a blog for some time. My hike to Monrovia Canyon Falls on February 7 prompted me to consider it more earnestly. My hike yesterday morning on Shoemaker Canyon Road was the catalyst to get this blog started. I’ve been posting blog-like pieces on my Facebook, but now it is time to open it up to an unlimited audience.

I don’t know how much readership this blog will get. But I’ve practiced journaling for many years to an audience of one. So if I’m the only one to read this, that’s fine with me.

If there is anyone out there reading this, enjoy Dan’s Hiking Blog. I will. icon

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